Qiu Hao, Man of Vision

Now you all can see what sartorial boringness I have to deal with every day:

Best Quotes from Qiu Hao:

“My photographer friend told me: ‘Oh Shanghai style is so interesting, because the street style is so boring.’ Well, that’s what I saw. It’s kinda boring, ya, and also these days it’s really fake.”

Qiu Hao legitimizes my observations that people dress so blah here. As he later calls this predominant style, “like office lady style”… most everyone here is dressed in a sort of droopy style very similar to that of a rural office lady… or office man (sometimes in China, he or she has bedazzled their gear, but that doesn’t really make it better).

“In London, you just go out in the college or the street, you can see a lot of people that have their own style and it’s not learned from a book or fashion magazine.
They created their own style, and from their outfits you can see their personality.”

This is totally true, and that is the second quote that he has talked about something being copied or fake… dress here is definitely not only boring but also fake. There is no interpretation of cultural materials in China. That is to say, clothing is adopted, rather than adapted, by Chinese from the West. So, because these styles are simply learned or copied, the situation demonstrates how many people just consume fashion in China… I guess you could say that this is a contributing factor to the success of large Western luxury brands in China. And I guess, by extension, counterfeit luxury goods.

That’s Shanghai Fashion Special
Qiu Hao was ranked as the number 1 most influential person in Chinese Fashion. The list also includes Vera Wang (she’s American…), Angelica Cheung, and a few other surprises (meaning these people definitely shouldn’t be on this list). Qiu Hao deserved to be on top though, especially with this response to a question about personal goals:

“I’d like to show my collections to more people. I thought about doing Shanghai Fashion Week… but I prefer to organize my own show.”

Ouch… but I mean, I’d do the same. That’s only a fair statement by anyone who has ever had to experience Shanghai Fashion Week.