Vunderkind, Uma Wang!

Guess who I saw in Bund18 today? Vunderkind designer Uma Wang of course! (Uma’s Site!), looking oh so fly in a pair of army-colored drop-crotch pants and a blazer silk-screened with distorted faces:

Not only was she doing her designer duties by exercising free style in the great state of China, but she was also getting down to a lot of business. She was there to discuss her participation in a fashion show in the Bund18 atrium on November 18th to commemorate Bund18’s 5th Year Anniversary. She was also there to discuss her new collection being released in Bund18’s special one-month store also for the 5th Year Anniversary called “Pop Up Shop by YOUNIK”. Her line is called “White Label” and is a special line of made-to-order wedding dresses (you actually get to collaborate with Uma and her great assistant Nela). They are BEAUTIFUL!:

Also to note, a perennial favorite, the “Project East” fashion show at Harvard, is coming up this Saturday on November 14th, and it will also be showcasing Uma Wang and other amazing Asian and Asian American design talents! Check out their beautiful website for a sneak peak of what’s to come:

The show is going to be AMAZING this year, and I’m sad I won’t make it… they are showing Vera Wang, Derek Lam, Giuliano Fujiwara, and Uma! They’ll also be showing up-and-coming designers from Parsons, like standout Edward Lorenz Tan who was Menswear Designer of the Year in 2009. It’s bound to be wild and wildly fun, and here’s a behind-the-scenes photo and an advertisement (both designs by Edward) if you’re not already convinced it’s going to be great… and it’s all for charity! (China Tomorrow Education Foundation):