Installment 1: Gold Givenchy Couture

No really people, this is couture. I wish people would stop using the word so indiscriminately.

I’ve been taking a bit of a break for the holidays (although Thanksgiving is not really the same in China I’ve found out recently), but I can assure you that I’ve been collecting many interesting photos during these past few days which will be put up (relatively) shortly for your enjoyment.

So anyway, these are the first photos that I’ve captured (albeit a bit blurry because the gold python skin is so metallic) worthy of being “Installment 1”. In other words, these are the first photos to kick off a continuing series of shots of stylish subjects I find around Shanghai practicing individual style.

Not only is this look not doable for a majority of people, but no one other than the original purchaser of the garment could even buy it because it wasn’t reproduced. This gold python corset is from a ’97 Givenchy couture show, and the piece was worn by Naomi Campbell. Whoa.