Perhaps the Lamest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

But before we get into the post: it’s a new month, so I’m making an early resolution to post more… I guarantee at least 5 this month, so check back!

Anyway, I was on my way into Plaza 66 a few weeks ago with my friend from high school who was visiting me for the weekend (Plaza 66 is definitely a must-see for tourists) when I saw something so ridiculous I had to have a picture as my witness:

I’ve never seen anyone in China get in a line to do anything before, but here they are! They really are Chinese people, and they really are forming quite an orderly line outside of Louis Vuitton to buy the same bag everyone else already has.

But I guess it’s all about hype, and Louis Vuitton has that down pat… And neighboring store Chanel soon (as one would expect) copied:

Although Chanel didn’t have any people in line, I’m sure they did within a few minutes… but I had to jet because I snapped this picture on my way out (I got some baddddd looks from the bouncer… that’s why the picture is so blurry).

But how long can these two brands really fool people into thinking that they are exclusive? Right now these brands are somewhat exclusive I guess because of economic constraints on most individuals, but once China increases it’s GDP/capita to the level of the US or Japan, what will consumption look like? Can the process of shifting the society away from fashion consumption to style consumption be expedited in any way?