Homogenizing Forms 1: Burberry Burberry Everywhere!

I’m ignoring the winter solstice and declaring that today, it is officially winter in Shanghai (it’s a brisk high of 59, and low of 52 today).

My fellow Shanghai-ers seem to agree that winter has arrived, as people all around have broken out their winter gear. Unfortunately for me and anyone else who has a general appreciation for aesthetics, the most popular winter product in Shanghai is anything with Burberry’s trademark plaid unabashedly slapped on favorite basics. Behold here: the Burberry scarf, the bane of my existence and China’s most homogenizing form:

There were many many pictures of Burberry scarves I COULD have posted, but the above picture was less offensive than a full-frontal shot.

But in case if you’re looking for a full-frontal shot for proof of this terrible trend, here you go:

It is pretty obvious that I took all of these shots without people knowing/noticing (creepy, I know, but no one would ever let me stop them on the street, make them pose, and sketchily take a picture of him/her on my iPhone… that’s just awkward), but I think this guy noticed. Regardless of if he did or didn’t, the above is one of my finest shots to date. Enjoy this scandalous display of an obviously fake Burberry scarf.

And unfortunately, the products on which the Burberry plaid is printed in China just keep getting bigger. This girl’s skirt would actually be kind of cute if it wasn’t so ugly and offensive:

And last but definitely not least is this GINORMOUS coat… I don’t even know what to say about this: