Bund18’s 5th Year Anniversary Fashion Show

Wow, I just realized how far behind I am in life… this post should have happened a long time ago, as this fashion show was held November 18th in order to commemorate Bund18’s 5th Year Anniversary. However, I still think this fashion show was interesting because it showcased 6 of the best Chinese designers I can think of (there are obviously a few other legit designers that didn’t show at this fashion show, but not many…)

The first two pictures come from a very new Chinese American designer, Angela Gao (www.angelagao.com). Her collection is pretty timeless, and it is now selling in YOUNIK on a made-to-order basis. All of the other designers also sell at Bund18’s boutique YOUNIK and are based strictly in China, as well as some other notable designers like Mary Ching and Qiong Er. Enjoy the pictures!

Angela Gao:

Zhang Hao (aka Stephane Cheung):

Pari Chen:

Coko Wan:

Jane Zhu:

and of course, Vunderkind Uma Wang: