It’s a New Year

And my New Year’s resolution is to have 6 to 8 posts per month. Your resolution, if you’re still looking for one, should be to never become victim to the Burberry plaid…

The first girl I saw was in a puffy “Burberry” coat, although you can’t really see it in the pictures because the coat was metallic and reflecting wicked amounts of light. You can also see that underneath she is wearing a Burberry skirt. No comment:

I’d like to note that I realize this pattern is part of Burberry’s tradition and brand, but a major problem is the way the pattern is used/distributed/exploited and the fact that it is easy to counterfeit. Because of these factors, such low-culture products can be widely counterfeited and produced through China’s massive manufacturing culture, creating turmoil for the development of individuality and personal style.

So anyway, on another very, very similar note (I might as well say the same note), here is this girl. I have nothing else to say about this one either: