Installment 2: Brilliant Colors

*UPDATE (Jan. 8) – My roommate thought I was loosing my firm grasp on the English language from being in China for 3 months, so he suggested the alternative title of “Installment”, which I will continue with for this series.

So anyway… (almost original post)
Because it’s the New Year, I felt bad having a negative post greet my readers. Thus, I give you Installment 2!

Although not as flawless as real Givenchy couture by perhaps some definitions, it’s still worthy of being installed amongst MY all-time-favorite styles I’ve seen practiced in Shanghai because it’s a functional/modern interpretation of (seemingly) ethnic clothing, which renders the subjects as appropriate but enigmatic (these outfits are spatially and contextually appropriate, but the subjects are definitely different from most Chinese people in terms of clothing).

DISCLAIMER: I have to admit that this situation was a bit sketch. I saw these two people outside of my bus window and tried to snap some quick shots. I missed but it didn’t matter because they ran to get on my bus. What luck! They came RIGHT to where I was sitting on the bus, and they were so interesting both individually and as a pair that I tried to get as many shots as possible, and this is what I got (post bus ride):

Here’s a peak into the inside of this techni-colored coat, which looks like a beautiful white something. The trim is also techni-colored!:

And his and hers close-ups (you really should enlarge all the photos and try and see as many details as possible):