Endorsed(?) Products

So I never thought that I’d use my powers as a media outlet for the endorsement of specific products, especially because I believe in every reader’s ability/ responsibility/right to make un-affect, autonomous decisions about the way one dresses oneself. In other words, I don’t think I should tell people what to wear, or try and coerce them to think a certain way…

So just take this tibit as un-biased information, not propaganda… Also, it’s a valuable hint for those of you interested in NY super-brand Slow and Steady Wins the Race (About).

So there are a few things about SSWTR that I’d like to point out so I can clarify a bit why I’m so enthusiastic (about the brand and this product) and willing to officially make this my first Endorsed Product:

1 – SSWTR is focused on increasing the democratic dissemination of fashion information and appreciation, similar to this blog.

2 – The designer, although anonymous, is related to China in more ways than one, and is thus appropriate for this blog and for the concept of Pop-Up-Shop, which the bag was originally produced for.

3 – Again, the bag was made for Pop-Up-Shop, which qualifies it for blogging on CPHNS (Pop-Up-Shop was opened by YOUNIK at Bund18, which was something I mentioned before but never fully blogged about). Pop-Up-Shop and YOUNIK both support Chinese designers and exclusivity (rendering it appropriate to be supported on this blog), and it is diversifying the supply of fashion products in China (the landscape is dominated by Western brands and their counterfeit counterparts).

4 – There is only one such product in the entire world (making it truly individualistic and appropriate for helping someone to create their own style), although it is based on the classic shape of the Hermes Brikin and was produced before in a range of colors. Take a gander:

Some might say that this is basically counterfeit, but I would argue that it is smartly interpreting cultural materials to truly create something modern (trust me, I’m in China, I know counterfeit)… Indeed, culture builds on itself, and SSWTR has created a four-side, floppy Birkin. GENIUS!

As you also might have noticed, the bag is black AND brown… even MORE genius!! It should be arriving stateside around now, so keep your eyes open! (Perhaps you can email: sales@slowandsteadywinstherace.com to inquire).

Oh ya, and sorry about the poor quality pictures… Luckily, a couple of our Blogspot friends have blogged about this before, so you can check out a couple of pictures here (but these are just the normal, single color ones produced a few seasons ago):

Hey We Like This

The Sartorialist

This picture isn’t half-bad I guess, but again, this photography doesn’t do this product justice:

Happy hunting!