Endorsed(?) Boutiques

Although no longer in existence, I’m still endorsing:

Pop Up Shop was opened by YOUNIK for the 5th Year Anniversary of Bund18, and this store offered something more of a gallery installation of products rather than simply a retail store. Four designers in particular caught my eye, (well, five designers, but the four-sided Birkin from SSWTR was just blogged about) so keep your eyes open for these ones!:

1 – Uma Wang with a collection of wedding dresses called “White Label”, that certainly will rival the wedding collections of any other Wang designers.

2 – Coko Wan with a collection of bags, which also transform into clothes! Sorry there aren’t any detail or demonstrative shots, but trust me, they are pretty witty!!

3 – Jiang Yi Ru (designer for the brands “COMING” and May J.) with a standout and very characteristic collection (the one in Pop Up Shop was her first collection for retail). I don’t know how she manages a menswear AND womenswear label, but they are both very strong, especially considering her age.

4 – Angela Gao, a recent graduate from Parsons and designer extra-ordinaire, with a made-to-order AND ready-to-wear collection. Although currently available in some stores in Shanghai and New York, she also has online retail!

Again, apologies about the poor photo quality, but there will certainly be more coming from these designers soon, so keep checking back for more!

Oh, and for those of you in Shanghai, stop by the Bund18 atrium after March 31st to glimpse a hanging exhibition of Uma’s White Label!!