Shanghai Fashion Week, Part 1

So I know I’m super late by blogging standards with regard to reporting on Shanghai Fashion Week, but whatever, SFW itself was late by international fashion standards (April 8 – April 13 for FW10… what??!?).

Despite its relative tardiness, I would have to say that it was leaps and bounds above last year’s SFW… This year’s highlights are numerous, rather than the singular Jiang Ling whom I praised last time for her collection.

In addition to Jiang Ling, this SFW featured designers like Uma Wang, Chen Ping (Pari Chen), Coko Wan, and some newcomers that are promising like Nio and Angela Chen. However, today I only have time to introduce you to the opening show for SFW by some sort of internet “fashion” retail outlet, which put my hopes for SFW at a very low starting point…

I don’t know what the connection between this blue girl and fashion is, but I’m citing this as yet another reason why no one takes SFW seriously, let alone fashion as an industry in China.

There will be other, more positive posts to come in the near future, so come back!