Shanghai Fashion Week, Part 2: Everything Else (Almost)

Given that I’m weeks behind on posting (surprise!), I’ve opted to format my SFW posts (there will be 3 parts in total) in the least labor-intensive way. Thus, below I present to you 3 separate groups of pictures from 3 different designers’ shows. I also haven’t said anything about the pictures because I’m too lazy to comment at the moment, but it might be better this way as you can form you personal and uninfluenced opinions about whether the shows are actually any good or not.

The first show worth noting was from Chen Ping (her brand is Pari Chen), who consistently presents collections that all shapes and sizes can realistically wear. They look bad from this perspective unfortunately, but you get the gist… I hope:

The second show was undeniably Coko Wan, from the lighting to the music to the styling. This is certainly a younger aesthetic, vastly different from Chen Ping, but still impressively established… and diversity is a positive thing, right?:

And last but not least is Uma! Uma Wang, that is. Anyway, this was her first time at SFW, an interesting move for a young designer soon to show at Paris Fashion Week this October… But more power to her for supporting her local fashion system, as she is certainly a product of Shanghai. I hope you loyal Uma über-fans are satiated for the time-being: