China’s Fashion Elite


I finally received my iPhone 4, so now I have lots of new and beautiful pictures of Chinese People WITH style that I’d love to share with you all.

So when I found that Shanghai ranked #12 in a list of Global Fashion Capitals, I very nearly poo’ed my pants… But I shouldn’t be so surprised at this, especially when considering the below information (just pictures, really) about China’s next generation:

I had so much more hope for China’s aesthetic future after spotting this adorable little girl, and I think that after the next generation comes of age, Shanghai will rival cities like Tokyo and Seoul as Asia’s top fashion capital.

OH YA, and then I spotted her sister, who was even more elegant silhouette at just about 5 years and 2 ft+ (take a real close look at her dress):

I can’t wait for Shanghai’s young fashion elite to roam the soon-to-be more-aesthetically-pleasing streets and influence China’s fashion system as an informed consumer.

So here they are everyone… representations of China’s FUTURE aesthetics!: