Street Corner Hipsters, Northern Jing An District

So I think chinesepeoplehavenostyle’s previous home at blogspot was a bit of a failure (despite some thoughtful posts and stunning pictures) for the following reasons:

  1. Not enough posts – I averaged about 1 post per month, although there were periods of time when I didn’t post at all. On wordpress I’ll be updating every day, so check back often!
  2. Too many words – Although the theory behind fashion and style are central to this blog and definitions have to be formalized before we can have an intelligent and meaningful conversation about fashion, there won’t be so much commentary this time around… just lots more pictures and video open to your interpretation.

So here you are: lots of pictures, little commentary

I spotted this couple as I was walking out of the bank… the hunt begins!

This lady obstructed the shot, but I was not deterred.

I couldn’t get a front-view picture of them on foot, so I ran to get on my scooter!

The scooter provided a perfect vantage point, but the boy certainly noticed me…

He brought his girlfriend’s attention to me, making this a perfect candid shot… but they couldn’t reprimand me because I scooted away!

Also, I love the flowers… they make this couple look even more angsty by juxtaposition.