Old Chinese People Have Style, Shanghai and Beijing

I never would have guessed this when I was writing my thesis (without any field research to speak of really), but old Chinese people definitely gots some style!! Those 60-70 somethings that experienced the Cultural Revolution during their college years have proven to me time and time again that they are some of the most conscious of their clothing OR that they have somehow developed a very natural relationship with the clothing… and the end result is a usually a beautiful but unexpected mixture of colors and textures and/or quirky accents that render this age group as one of the most sartorially diverse in China.

Although this is not the best example (I’m going to start digging through my archives to find some better examples to prove this point), I still love the little peak you get of this elderly lady’s layering skills near her neck. Also, I love the monochrome composition of the man’s outfit, accented by his beautiful red glasses.

Additionally, I didn’t notice her shoe/pant combo until I took shots of her from behind, but she proves you don’t need to be a hip young thang to pull of the black pant/brown shoe look.

I went to Beijing during the National Holiday, and spotted this gem of an elderly lady walking down the street in search of some booty (not that kind for you sick-minded people out there, I’m talking about the kind that pirates plunder!)

I would never think of this bizarre color combination, but it definitely works for her!

Also, how did she tie that scarf so perfectly behind her head?!

I sprinted past her and then turned around to get a full-frontal, and I’m so glad I did!… Now we can all appreciate her mad layering skills, as well as incredible sense for color.