The Craziest Thing on a Bike, Jing An District

So unfortunately I can’t upload video of this amazing testament to the will and spirit of mankind until I upgrade wordpress, but at least there are pictures to start.

I spotted this magnificently skilled biker from afar, and had to pursue…

She was taller than a bus!

We were understandably a bit speedier than she was, and got ahead for this great shot!

I didn’t really understand the physics of it, but she seemed to just be straight chillin’…

Give it up everyone for this feat of balance and ingenuity! (Photo Credit: Ms. Serena)

And for those of you who think that this is performance art or something, it’s really just this amazing woman balancing an incredible load to recycle or deliver… So efficient!

(in the video, you can she her driving with one hand and talking on her cell phone. I’ll post that ASAP)