Ladies who Lunch, Xin Tian Di

My dear friend Chrissy at Mary Ching (the extra-ordinaire Chinese-British shoe designer from Central Saint Martins) runs the incredible Mary Ching Blog. I love how it claims “Proud to be Made in China”, and it has a lot of other great ideas… one of which is the title of this post, so I’m sorry Chrissy for borrowing your wonderful ideas!!

But really, there was no better title for this post of these two women I snapped in Xin Tian Di today during lunch hour. Not my personal favorite outfits, but they are certainly more individualistic than most.

I’m not a huge fan of this bag, but of all the women I’ve seen walking around it with, it’s certainly the best overall composition (or at least most unique).

Head wraps are rare in China, so kudos to this woman for pulling it off so swimmingly.