Street Corner Contrasts, Jing An District

As you’ve probably noticed from following this blog, there are a lot of fashion-related happenstances in Jing An District… As one of the most affluent areas in Shanghai and home to Plaza 66 (the mall with the highest sales for all the luxury brands in China), it’s no wonder. Sometimes you get the truly stylish, but most of the time you get those brain-washed consumers doused in LV and Burberry monograms. Gross.

But I think this lady below is pretty stylish, and there’s not a logo in sight (thankfully). Please vote and let me know what you think! (hint: you have to click on the name of the post and vote under the “comments” section)

My favorite thing about the picture below is the contrast between this glamazon and the sweet old man… They are seemingly gazing at one another, but I’m guessing they were both pretty unaware of the other’s presence.

I’m sure she was headed to Plaza 66 opposite this corner, and he might have been as well if you consider the shiny white murse he’s carrying (more on murses in China later). But you never know who the real da kuans (my Chinese book’s translation is “money bags”) are in China… they are usually the most inconspicuously dressed of them all!