Dumpster Divers (and Dumpers), Jing An District

So this afternoon I saw this woman looking rather peculiar, but not too different from the other old folks I see collecting trash/treasure (depending on your point of view) in Shanghai during the winter.

I decided to keep photographing her because I was stopped at a red light, she was walking so slowly, AND she was wearing (I’m guessing fake) pink Gucci monogram slippers outside in the rain (while collecting trash).

She made it across the street and starting looking much more suspicious for an old lady…

And she was! She just dropped her bags in the middle of the sidewalk…

And just ditched them!

And away she walked, leaving behind her trash as if she had never even collected or cared for it… I guess there’s plenty more in Shanghai for her to wrangle up and drop at indiscriminate locations around the city, as well as other fake Gucci slippers in blindingly bright colors to consume.

(more on trash juxtaposed with “designer” monograms/prints in the future)