My Friends from Xin Jiang, (in) Jing An District

Today we have pictures of some of my best friends in China: the good people of Xin Jiang! Not only are the usually well-dressed (maybe I’m biased in judging their well-dress-edness cause they are always wearing stuff that looks sort of American 90s and I love that stuff), but they also make me my favorite street snack: CHUAR!

Check out this guys neon squiggly sweater:

Ethnic minorities give some much needed relief to the monotonous dress usually seen in China, specifically amongst the Han majority. I love seeing ethnic looking clothing, and am so happy to see people proud of their heritage and showing it through their clothing.

Obviously these guys aren’t Americans from the 90s, but they pull off the aesthetic well and in their own way, while also bringing something new to the table (no pun intended) in terms of overall Chinese sartorial practices.

Sorry the pictures are so blurry, but I was in close proximity and trying to talk to him (ordering chuar and nan, best combo ever) and at the same time snipe some shots.

Also sorry that this picture is really out of focus, but there was way too much light and smoke (from chuar and cigarettes) for my poor camera to handle… But it renders the photograph more interpretative, so see it any way you’d like!

Oh ya, and for those of you who don’t know where Xin Jiang is, it’s here, under the watermark/copyright. It’s about 16.4 million sq kilometers, which makes it about the same size as Spain, France, Germany, and Italy (combined).

I’ll be headed to the west of China (to Yunnan) in late December, and I’ll definitely take lots of pictures because there are supposed to be the largest number of minorities out there… I’m sure they will have beautifully different styles out there!


PS – remember to let me know if you think these guys are intentionally/non-intentionally stylish or not stylish at all in the poll “12.14.10” found here