Shanghainese Snowbunnies, Jing An District

I got a call this morning from my friend Lexie that she just spotted a woman wearing a bag over her head to shield herself from the minor blizzard we were having (I wonder if snow is as polluted as rain), and she insisted I got outside to snap some shots in this historic weather in Shanghai (thanks for the tip Lexie!)

So after 200+ shots I can definitively say that the Shanghainese are not really snowbunnies at all, but it’s understandable considering that it hasn’t snowed and also STUCK for a few years… and lots of people were definitely not prepared today.

But most dawned ponchos that are usually worn to protect them from rain, and they seemed to work pretty well:

I thought that this guy was a hunchback but soon realized that there was a second person under the poncho:

Others were caught in their workwear, without anything to protect them:

This lady looked like she definitely didn’t enjoy the (potentially polluted) surprise blizzard:

And last but definitely not least… the kids! Since parents and grandparents who were all aware of the storm picked them up this afternoon, they were probably the best provided for with colorful umbrellas and ponchos galore!