Practical Patchwork, Zha Bei District

Today I traveled to the edges of Shanghai, which are very far away considering it’s a sprawling city of 20+ million. But I had to go to Zha Bei District to open my company, but the trek was worth it because I spotted this incredibly innovative and resourceful man on the street:

It was pretty cold today in Shanghai, with some snow from yesterday’s mild blizzard still on the ground… But his awesome patchwork coat kept him physically warmer and looking cooler than if he hadn’t roughly sewn on these patches.

I love how you can see the white stitching… He’s definitely got an eye for colors, contrast, and general aesthetics.

Unfortunately Chinese people only understand things in a very literal way, and so they see this individual as just another homeless guy and don’t really understand or care about his obvious creative intelligence. But I appreciate it, and hope you do too!

I think he was staring at me because my coat was oversized and of a similar aesthetic:

But this whole homeless aesthetic might catch on eventually, and then clothes could maybe even be worn semi-ironically in China (and be understood as such)! Did you hear about this stylish and handsome Chinese vagabond? Hopefully this won’t be the last time I see this level of creativity or resourcefulness in China!!