Chinese Santas, Jing An District

As it’s only a week until Christmas, I’m going to make only Christmas-related posts for the next seven days. So to kick things off, here are some Chinese Santas I spotted at Plaza 66:

This one’s got a bad case of pose-leg, but I guess it’s appropriate given the spatial context of China’s most luxurious mall… (S)He looks like a fashion Santa for sure!

From behind…

And a perfect profile shot.

However, not all Chinese Santas have the same fashionable disposition. This Chinese Santa looked a lot more somber and much less at home in Plaza 66. I thought (s)he was just sulking around Prada…

But then I discovered that he was silently stalking this poor lady. CREEPY!

I hope your local Santas are a lot more Santa-like than these Chinese Santas, but they are the only Santas I have access to so I guess I’ll have to deal… 7 Days til Christmas!