White Christmas Wedding (almost), Xu Jia Hui

I’m hoping for a White Christmas this year, which although seemingly more possible after the blizzard on Wednesday is still very unlikely… But it would be awesomely Christmas-y, as Shanghai is beautiful in the snow:

The locals thought so too the day after the storm I think, and some of them took advantage of the beautifully altered Shanghai scenery for photoshoots.

Usually wedding photoshoots take place on the Bund, but Xu Jia Hui is home to the largest cathedral in Shanghai, and it looked pretty cool with the snow:

They must have both been freezing, and the bride had the right idea of putting on her coat backwards (that’s actually kinda a thing in Shanghai).

The guy just kept going with the shoot though… I think he was pretty stoked about his snowman-child:

6 Days til Christmas!