If Santa Were Chinese…, Xu Hui to Jing An District

So this post may not qualify exactly as a “Christmas-Theme Post” as promised on Saturday, as I have to make a bit of a stretch here with this one… but it’s loosely Christmas themed and hopefully also amusing.

So remember our friend that hauled Crazy Things on Bikes? Well, I saw her for the THIRD time yesterday! (I didn’t post pictures from the second time I saw her cause it was such a small load.) I don’t know if it compares to the first time, but it’s still a feat for mankind:

So here’s how it’s Christmas-y: I would say she’s the closest thing the Chinese have to Santa Claus, as she’s dressed in red and carrying an impossible amount of presents on the back of her sleigh (or boxes on her bike, if you’re the glass half-empty type).

When I showed my friend Clotilde (who works at the most amazing jewelry brand Philanthropy is Beautiful) the first set of these pictures, she confusedly asked me if this was performance art… And I guess in a way this woman is performing something borderline artistic, and this week I’ve chosen to interpret this site as a Chinese version of Santa delivering presents (in realty she’s recycling, and also not using any gas to do so, which is very much needed in Shanghai given the weather/pollution).

In this blurry full-frontal, you can just make her out casually talking on her cell.

I have an amazing video of this that I’m hoping to post as soon as I upgrade wordpress, so keep checking back! 5 Days til Christmas!