The Ghost of Christmas Past, Jing An District

These pictures of a shadow-y figure were taken during the Shanghai Snowstorm. I think that because of the angle and lighting of the photo, she looks especially creepy… so I call this the Chinese version of the “Ghost of Christmas Past”.

I think that the spatial context in the below photo makes the figure look even scarier… Her juxtaposition with a colorful, animated Chinese child augments her ghostliness I think.

I don’t think that this person would have looked so scary if you saw her that day in real life, but the way she’s rendered in the photographs and how it changes our perceptions of her is something to think about. Also, I think that because her scarf is over her head, it changes the shape and silhouette of the individual, and consequently our understanding of her (ghostly, right?). Thoughts or observations?

PS – I’m kinda upset about some pictures I missed today… I saw a guy grab two handfulls of street meat off a cart because he was mad at the cart owner. I was rushing around to get set up so I didn’t stop to take them, but in retrospect I think they would have made the perfect “Grinch” post…