Twas the Night Before Christmas, Zha Bei District

And all through the subways, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse or this super stylish woman.

And because of her weary state, she was an easy subject to snipe some shots of.

I got close-ups from head…

to toe:

But then this stylish create awoke, and began to stir.

She readied her stylish self to face the unstylish masses and the Christmas chill.

And made a final pop to that collar… But really, what is it with Zha Bei and all of those really stylish people?

Do you think that this woman has style? I would certainly say so, as I’ve never seen someone dress quite like her but still get a sense of who she is as a person from her clothes.

OH YA, and only 1 Day til Christmas!! (or already Christmas depending on your time zone…) so MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I’ll be making the final Christmas-themed post later which is a gift for all of you, my audience, so please check back!