Top 10 of 2010 Installment 1: Primitive Consumption

Please excuse my absence for the past week, but I discovered that my iPhoto was extremely unorganized, which made it nearly impossible to sort through the 13,000+ photos I have (since 2007) to compile my final Top 10 of 2010 List. After a few days, I finally sorted out everything from 2010 by category, and found out that I have 3,707 photos of Chinese people from last year… That’s about an average of 10 photos per day, which is even more pics/day when you consider that I lost my phone in Sanya in March and didn’t replace it until September.

But that was actually lucky in retrospect, as it would have been far too difficult if I had to sort through any more pictures. It was also difficult to decide how exactly to format my list (top ten best dressed Chinese people, top ten worst dressed Chinese people, etc.), so in the end I decided I would just post my favorite pictures from 2010. For the first installment of the Top 10 of 2010 List, here’s a picture I snapped on January 1st, 2010:

I don’t even know where to start, but I was severely depressed and slightly offended after being so tastelessly confronted with Burberry ON TOP OF Burberry paired with Louis Vuitton… I sincerely hope that this year Chinese people will find another way to consume.

Unfortunately, this is what I saw only a month later… you may recognize it from the chinesepeoplehavenostyle banner:

My eyes can only take so much more of this, but this kind of dress is omnipresent in China and I unfortunately don’t think it’s going away any time soon… so I think I’ll coin it so I can discuss it in the future. How does “Primitive Consumption” sound? Self explanatory? (There will be a formal definition to come, but I think you get the gist)

But if you’re not quite clear, here is another prime example:

Burberry Coat paired with Coach Boots. UGH!

This kind of dress has just got to stop.

But out of the 3,707 pictures of Chinese people, the was only one other negative thing that I wanted to point out about Chinese sartorial practices in 2010: Moo Boots.

You could call the Coach boots above Moo Boots too in that they render the subject slightly repulsive, but the ones below are more what I’m talking about:

I mean, I guess you could say she is referencing cowboys, but it more so seems to me that she is referencing (and somehow associating herself with) cows.

I can’t kick the association… Can you?

This lady’s boots are perhaps zebra print, but nonetheless, it still brings cows to mind. I just really don’t understand why Chinese people would want to dress themselves to look like cows, it’s not that pleasant to look at and doesn’t bring great associations to mind… So Chinese people, in 2011, please stop two things: Primitive Consumption and Moo Boots!!

As for the rest of the list, no more negative or repulsive things to look at, I promise… I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the rest of the subjects, so check back later this week for Installment 2!