Top 10 of 2010 Installment 2: Conspicuous Consumption (of Pajamas)

As the first installment of the Top 10 List focused on solely the negative, I wanted the second installment to sort of bridge the gap between negative and positive (the rest of the Top 10 List will be all truly stylish subjects)… And I think Chinese people wearing pajamas outside is just the thing!! Sometimes they look really cool, but most of the time they look just plain silly to Western eyes, like this lady going to Tiffany & Co. in her PJs:

But actually wearing one’s pajamas outside is a Chinese form of Conspicuous Consumption… By wearing one’s PJs on the streets, one can conspicuously display that he or she lives in that particular area; if the area is high-rent like Jing An, the Bund, or the French Concession, then the PJed Chinese person in question is associated with that area and perceived as wealthy… This guy was just wandering around Jing An in his jammys:

But then he hailed a cab!! I think he came from a Northern district like Putuo or Zhabei, and just took a cab or the bus or the subway in his PJs just to hang around Jing An and make people think he was a swanky guy… I feel like this is a bit dishonest!

But actually a lot of people wear their pajamas while getting around town, although they are usually on a bike:

I mean, I guess it could also be a factor of time… Chinese people just can’t be bothered to change before they go out and face the day!

But at least some of these transient pajama-clothed Chinese people have some sense of aesthetic… This lady is certainly my favorite Chinese person on a bicycle, cause she has style when she’s riding ’round town in her padded jammys:

Please note her perfect combination of slipper and sock, and how it contrasts to the color of the pajamas and the bike to make an amazingly harmonized combination.

And keep checking back for the final two installments of the Top 10 of 2010 List… There will be lots of genuine style and individualized aesthetic, promise!