Top 10 of 2010 Installment 5: The Future, aka Chinese Kids

I’ve posted about kids being the future of Chinese fashion before, so I had to include a bit about where Chinese fashion was heading on my Top 10 List… So for your consideration:

Please note the shoes on the ground:

She was quite a free spirit, which is something I think is important in children (and childrenswear). By contrast, her two elders were comparatively restrained, reflected in their uniforms (the green tie things)… Indoctrination is often reflected sartorially in China.

But they slowly started to rise up and revolt!!

They were soon suppressed, but smirks still lingered…

This poor little girl was just trying to be a free spirit, I hope she keeps her sense of fun about her as she becomes the new consumer in China… I think her coat, spirit, and hair cut are all top notch! But unfortunately in the end, she felt the bitter taste of defeat:

But childhood is all about growing, learning, and discovering new things. Kids are very impressionable, and I hope that their parents are cultivating this curiosity and individuality.

This girl looked like she got plenty of time to explore and lots of opportunities to be creative… it’s also reflected in her clothing I think!

She was interested in her many surroundings at the Flower Market, and the peculiarities and individuality of my own outfit caught her eye for a few moments… I hope that this encouraged her to continue to go out and be a free and creative spirit.

But what I think is most important about the rearing (spelling?) of children in China (especially with the one-child policy…) is the preservation of cultural diversity with regard to sartorial practices. In Yunnan, I saw this little girl wearing a Naxi Minority hat, and it brought this subject to mind…

I think she looks so stunning and different from most children I see in Shanghai, so I hope that the use and reinterpretation of diverse sartorial cultures continues to happen with Chinese children… but only time will tell!

Check back soon for the 6th and final installation of the Top 10 of 2010!