Gettin’ Your Hair Did, Xin Tian Di to People’s Square

So I went out on February 1st to take advantage of the Chinese New Year holiday sales, and I spotted another great example of a Chinese person using pajamas as a kind of conspicuous consumption, and these pjs were CONSPICUOUS:

But they were certainly one of the more interesting set of pajamas I’d seen worn outside, but what was even more interesting was that her head was wrapped in plastic… after getting close enough, I saw that she was gettin’ her hair did:

I thought nothing of it until I saw this lady on the street, who was definitely Chinese but looked like she had some MAJOR work done up top… That color is a whole lot of unnatural, and I couldn’t figure out why it seemed like everyone was gettin’/had gotten their hair did…

She seemed to be well-dressed enough (despite the sparkly Mickey Mouse plastered on the back of her coat), and I figured she was on her way to a big holiday dinner so she wanted to make sure she and her hair were both lookin’ fly that day:

But after I saw this lady in E-Mart (the hugee electronic market I was going to), I figured it out… Everyone was getting or had just gotten their hair did to ring in the New Year!!

It must have been days if not weeks to get her hair to stay like that, but I must say the large shape was rather intriguing (perhaps even more than this Chinese lady’s hair style)…

It seems as if everyone is expected to look their best during the holiday season… The New Year means a new hairdo for most Chinese women I guess, and for most families it means new electric appliances of sorts:

I finally saw her from the front, and I realized that it was a set of quite beautiful but also quite a few pins that held her hair up so high… I mean, even if it’s not your personal style, I think you would have to agree that this is rather impressive.

So Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! I hope that the new year will bring about some genuinely new, individualistic, and diverse personal styles amongst the Chinese public.