Subtlety in Shanghai in 2011?

Chinese New Year lasts about two weeks, and I’ve definitely noticed recurring styles in Shanghai since the new year began… Most of the Shanghainese are dressing very 高调   (gao diao), or “loud” I guess is the best English equivalent. For example:

It’s so predictable that someone with this loud of a style would pair this furry barf green coat with a (probably fake) Louis Vuitton… At least it’s not the traditional monogram, the most primitive of luxury consumer products.

And this woman didn’t think her shiny pink jacket was enough noise to get noticed, so she also got her hair did:

But luckily at the end of my travels on Huai Hai Road that day (the first day of 2011), I noticed a more subtle but stylish young woman:

Not a logo in sight, but from the details and great juxtapositions you can infer that she’s got some style and some class.

I hope other youthful Shanghaiers will embrace a less in-your-face style of dressing, but there are always those who feel they need to sartorially declare to everyone that they are a part of China’s great economic boom… Only time will tell, but I’ll also keep you up to date!