Chinese Fashion History Launch, 20th Century Shanghai

I’ve spent the past few weeks cataloging some 300 photos of Chinese people from 1900-1980, and will soon launch a section on the blog called “Chinese Fashion History” so you all can see what people wore in the past and how fashions developed and changed over the past century.

But for now, below is a diagram that Maleonn, photographer extra-ordinaire, drew for me to explain Chinese Fashion History (he is the one that let me digitally catalogue his vintage photo collection). He said that the 1930s-1940s were the most “fashionable” times in China, but that all changed in 1949 when the country experienced a widespread sartorial homogenization with the introduction of “Lenin Style”, which is what most foreigners cite as evidence to their claims that Chinese people have no style… It’s definitely true to a large extent, but that’s all about to change.

So enjoy this diagram, and check back soon for the launch of Chinese Fashion History!