Literally Fashionable, Shanghai

I’ve posted quite a bit about Chinese people dressing very literally before, but I’ve seen some more ridiculous “English” sayings on clothing than “Just Kiss Me Baby” and “Loud Beats Saved My Life” recently. For example:

Her jacket reads: “Sport Fashion Good.” Yes, fashion = good and sports = good I guess, but declaring it on your jacket = no good.

I’ve found that Chinese people seem to loveeee the word “fashion” on their clothing because it makes them feel, well, fashionable I guess… “Culture” is another word often found printed on various sartorial goods to render the wearer as “cultured”, such as this beacon of culture and fashion:

I know his shirt reads “culture, fashion, jeans”, but after that I’m a bit lost… It looks like the shirt says something like “nosilitis” and then “Protestants” or something. Can anyone help decipher what else he may be trying to say through his shirt?

Update: Thanks to pdetzner for the suggestion “nobilities”… Very likely!