The Chinese Bag Lady, People’s Square and Xin Tian Di

The other day it poured like it hadn’t in a while in Shanghai, so most sagacious Chinese people stayed indoors… I, however, took advantage of this abrupt change in weather to chronicle what Chinese people who were forced outside that day would wear to weather the weather, and this is what I found:

It’s the Chinese version of the Bag Lady! Quite inventive I must say, and more chic than carrying around a bunch of bags. Minimal, low-cost, and effective, right? (also an interesting shape!)

Most other Chinese people were primitively schlepping around umbrellas, but she didn’t have to carry around such a cumbersome object… It seems as if this old lady had been around the block quite a few times, and I think she’s got her rainwear just right.

And then on my way home I saw ANOTHER bag lady!! This one wasn’t so clever as to tie it fancily to her head, so it was nowhere near as functional or chic as our subject above, but it still protected her from Shanghai’s abrasive acid rain.

No, seriously, Shanghai’s rain is DISGUSTING… You feel your skin melting a little bit after it rains, and then it’s all rough and gross for the next few days. She was just saving her face from this regrettable fate, so I totally understand Bag Lady II’s point of view and subsequent action.

I got a full 180 degrees worth of pictures for your viewing pleasure, so do you think this “trend” is resourceful and interesting or just plain silly? I would sincerely say the former after I’ve personally been rained on in Shanghai…