The Fashion (and Farmer) Line, Shanghai Subway

So Subway Line 10 has previously been dubbed the “Farmer Line” by many Shanghaiers, but I want to coin it as the “Fashion Line” because it goes to Top Chinese Designer Uma Wang‘s Studio, gianormous exhibition and trading space Shanghai Mart, popular shopping destinations Xin Tian Di and Yu Garden, and the high-end retail strip known as the Bund.

It’s always an interesting place to see some Shanghai’s more hip stylish contrasted with the labor class. Here’s one example of someone who stood out that I found the other day, on her way to Xin Tian Di:

After she stood up it was like BAM, volume!! It’s refreshing to see this in Shanghai, as it’s a rare thing for people to play with shapes like this… I think she pulled it off pretty well.

Her coat also had some structure on the shoulders which made for an even more exaggerated shape… And then I also noticed the zipper details on her coat, which is a popular embellishment in China, but her overall look rendered her as a unique individual more than just another mundane trend follower.

I was also a fan of her daringly high-heeled shoes with the buckles and fur (of course).

Do you think she’s stylish?