Spring Chickens, Xin Tian Di

Shanghai’s weather has been in the 60s and 70s lately, and the change in the weather has been reflected with changes in clothing.

For example, while waiting for my dry cleaning this morning I saw this lady waiting for the bus. Her bright yellow shoes added a necessary pop of color to her ensemble, and she looked ready to take on Spring!

Then she broke out her white rim glasses, which made her Spring ensemble complete:

Unlike the old who employ color to reflect Spring, the young in Shanghai use it as an excuse to hike up them hemlines sky-high… This girl was pretty modest by Shanghai standards though.

I like the lines of her skirt and leggings though, it’s a classier rendition of the cut off jeans shorts that make you question the subject’s sense of decency (I’ll try and dig up some pictures like that, but you may have to wait for the weather to get even warmer before I start seeing them again). But they go by different standards in China, and it’s considered totally acceptable in China to have a hemline higher than one’s wrists.

I mean, the jacket also makes it more class, and the hair clip more innocent.

These two ladies were hopefully indications of an overall improved sense of aesthetic amongst the Chinese, but we’ll have to wait for Spring and Summer to play out before I can fairly judge whether or not that’s true. Stay tuned!