Bring on Spring, Xin Tian Di

Chinese friends, designers, and consumers alike have told me that Chinese people don’t like to wear a lot of color, so although this young man may not be anything special Stateside, he stuck out like a sore thumb here in Shanghai:

I ran to catch up with him so I could document just how fluorescent his outfit was… Although some of you may find his outfit offensively bright, this outfit in terms of offensiveness is nothing compared to the pot-bellied men who air out their belly sweat by rolling their shirts over their pot-bellies… This perennial trend comes to fruition in summer, so you’ll have to wait a few months before you can witness just how offensive Chinese sartorial culture can be.

But coming up sooner than this revolting trend is Shanghai Fashion Week! (which is also mildly revolting in its own way on occasion, but also has its highlights). But ya, the Fall/Winter collections are presented very late (in April!!), so I’ll start covering SFW this Friday with a show by the brand Content. They do some awesome digital printing stuff, as well as video presentations, so stay tuned!!