Content目录 SFW Opening Show, Jing An District

So it’s already been a full 24 hours since Content’s opening show at Shanghai Fashion Week, and I’m still blown away ever time I think of it… It was legit one of my top 3 favorite fashion shows at Shanghai Fashion Week (if not my favorite) because it not only had amazing clothes with great prints, but the concept was great (Watching/Watched), the music gave incredible ambiance, and it was exceedingly well executed. I can’t post all of the 200+ pictures I took, but here are some of my favorites to start, and I’ll round it out later this week when SFW is finished.

There were videos projected all down the runway:

The runway/backdrop video projections distorted the digital prints on most of the looks:

The black bands on the arms of the models were actually tiny cameras, which provided live feeds of the audience back to us… Pretty cool!

Brilliant is all I have to say. Absolutely brilliant.