Their Easter Best, French Concession

Happy Easter everyone!! Even though it wasn’t the same without family, at least Chinese people put on what seemed to be their Sunday best to brighten up my day.

For example, this lovely lady donned a hat for the holiday I’m pretty sure she was completely unaware of.

It’s not exactly Easter clothes, but I’m always down for a graphic onesy and matching leopard hat…

This girl’s dress looked totally Easter-y though, with bold colors and frill (although I have a sneaking suspicion that this could also be her Christmas dress).

But I love the festive nature of the frills and layers and colors anyway. I bet this girl definitely knew what was going on this past Easter Sunday.

It may have been the blond girl next to her that advised breaking out a festive number for this special day, but regardless of whether or not she was aware, she looked great!