British Fascinators vs. Chinese Hats, Xin Tian Di

In Chinese sartorial culture, the head has always been a site for experimentation… But I guess when compared to British headgear, Chinese hats are seen as pretty subdued. But I like how this guy’s hat suggests something historical and cultural rather than copied or borrowed from fashion icons like Gaga… We already have too much of that in China.

The shape is fabulously simple and reminds me of hats in the 1910s/20s/30s in China.

It adds a bit of pizazz to the overall ensemble, although he doesn’t really need any pizazz with those pants.

Oh ya, and have you checked out recently? They just syndicated a new menswear blog for Shanghai style guru Aron Lu… I mean, he’s only got one picture up it’s that new, but he’s definitely someone worth following if you’re interested in Chinese fashion!