Summer’s Official Arrival (on Mother’s Day!), Shanghai

And with the relatively early arrival of Summer (it’s already a muggy 90 degrees right now) comes the most grotesque sartorial trend in China… Let’s call it the Bare Belly trend (other suggestions welcome/needed!). But the name will suffice for now though as it is pretty self-explanatory, but here’s a more explicit example if you don’t understand/dare to look:

Luckily this guy is skinnier than most, but airing out your belly sweat is never really appropriate…

Oh ya, and Happy Mother’s Day!! I hope Chinese mothers aren’t reinforcing such nonsensical dressing habits as the kind you just witnessed… Here’s a better note to end this post on. I love how their outfits coordinate to a degree but aren’t exactly the same. So thank you to those Chinese mothers that are teaching their children sensible and individualistic sartorial practices, China needs it!!

And happy happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, love you!