Formal(?) from Behind, Xin Tian Di

I’ve noticed that Chinese people generally pay more attention to their backside compared to their Western counterparts when dressing from day to day, and today was no exception.

On my way out of my xiao qu, I spotted this lady sporting what seemed to be some sort of back-brace:

I really have no idea why she was wearing it, but it reminded me of a larger trend of Chinese people adorning the back with buttons, bows, belts, and I guess in this case a brace (check out the past few posts on CPHNS for more examples).

This was a younger, and definitely more understandable example of a Chinese person adorning the back with thoughtful details… I took this pic right across the street on the same day, a testament to how the back seems to be more of an afterthought for Westerners but a focal point for their Chinese counterparts.

Sometimes this trend turns out great, but a lot of the times it doesn’t really work. I’ll post more on it in the future, there’s plenty good, bad, and ugly to come!