To the Shanghai Aquarium!, Pudong

The renowned Shanghai Aquarium lies across the river in Pu-Jersey, but I made the trek the other day since my friend was leaving Shanghai and to see what all the fuss was about.

I started to suspect that other people on the subway were also going to the aquarium…

It looked like the standard outfit for women making the trip was not shark swim trunks but rather bright, full-length, and flowing skirts.

Once we got out of the subway terminal, it was like BAM!, and their outfits became even more eye-catching as they donned bright hats and graphic scarves from Yunnan.

Once we arrived at the venue, the full-length skirt situation became pleasantly out of control. This one was my favorite, as it really evoked the feeling of the ocean, although it was bright pink. But great for Chinese people for not being so literal!