CHILLIN’, Shanghai

On this beautiful Sunday in Shanghai, I bring you a special compilation of one of Chinese peoples’ favorite collective pastimes: chillin’.

Chinese people will chill ANYWHERE, and what better way to spend a lazy Sunday than loitering and people watching (especially in China)? There are all kinds of people to watch, but Chinese people do it better by chilling and watching from the most bizarre of places… for example:

Definitely bizarre, but also very practical and probably comfortable, no?

I mean, when you’re being towed around by another person, there isn’t much other to do than look around and gaze at whatever catches your attention, right? Right.

I think I induce confusion amongst the Chinese population when they see me on my scooter taking pictures of them for a number of reasons, but does it really warrant such intense stares?

I mean, it’s totally excusable though cause she is so adorable… As is this elderly lady:

I think one of the main reasons for this high propensity to loiter is because Chinese people can make any location into a location for chillin’… This is because Chinese people are generally not as fat as Americans so their chairs don’t have to be so big, and thus can be toted around with them anywhere.

Like this wall totally just became a place to chill:

I mean, sir, it works, but what you’re sitting on there is definitely not a chair.

THESE, although more obstructively placed, are chairs:

Chinese people are definitely resourceful and some of the best chillers in the world. Do you agree?