Designer Spotlight: Uma Wang Wins Audi’s ‘Progress in Design’ Award 2011

Have you heard of the Chinese designer Uma Wang? If not, you definitely should have… I can confidently say that she will become the first internationally successful Chinese designer in many respects, and winning Audi’s ‘Progress in Design’ Award is just one of Uma’s many accomplishments. She has been in every major Chinese publication, and is the favorite designer for iLook publisher Hong Huang and Vogue China editor Angelica Cheung. She was also one of only two Chinese designers to meet with Anna Wintour in Shanghai last year, and is considered by most of the international Vogue editors as the one in China to watch (besides being featured in most Vogue China issues and meeting with Anna Wintour, Uma Wang is also profiled on Vogue Italia!) I could go on about her press for forever, but let’s meet the woman (with a resemblance but no relation to Vera Wang) behind the clothes.

Everyone, meet the humble yet incredible Uma Wang (modeling her own work of course):

She generally keeps a low profile and doesn’t like pictures, so that’s why I chose this one with her face a bit obscured… But her work speaks loads about her personality and aesthetic, so take a look! Here are some pictures from her FW10 Collection (all photos courtesy of Uma Wang and Todd Anthony Tyler):

This above sweater was featured on the first page of Vogue China’s 5th Anniversary September Issue editorial on the top Chinese designers.

These pants are a traditional print from China’s Southwestern Yunnan province which borders with Myanmar and Laos… I love this because it’s Chinese without being so literal or superficial (which is what happens when Western designers do a “China” collection).

And here are some pieces of Uma’s SS10 Collection:

If you want to see her current collection (SS11), you can visit the China Fashion Collective. If you’ve seen enough and want to do some shopping, you can buy a few pieces from SS11 from

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention… Last year was the first year for Audi to present it’s ‘Progress in Design’ Award, and the incredible Phillip Lim won. In it’s second year, Audi chose China’s Uma Wang… so world, watch out for Chinese fashion designers!