Knowledge is Priceless, Huai Hai Road

But I guess according to this guy, knowledge is as disposable as his own excrement.

The thing I really love though about this whole shirt situation are the two pink fairies that emphasize the “IS” after the knowledge and before the poo-poo. And if you look close enough, you can see it says “Stay Real” at the bottom… Really?

This guy should, or would, appreciate knowledge more if he was educated enough to read what his shirt actually says (and figure out what it says about him). It’s always amusing to see what crazy, random English phrases and sentences are printed all over Chinese peoples’ clothing, but it’s also a bit sad that they have no idea what it says most of the time. I think instead of Chinese people using nonsensical English phrases on their clothing and English speakers using Chinese characters that they don’t really understand, people should use the subtleties of their own language to express more clever thoughts than something like “Knowledge IS Poo-Poo”… Or maybe people should just stop being so literal with their clothing and learn some sartorial subtlety.