The Chinese Bag Lady Part 二, Xintiandi

It’s been raining cats and dogs for the past two weeks or so in Shanghai, and it shows no signs of slowing up any time soon… But despite this consistent rain, it seems as if some of Shanghai’s residents have been caught off-guard by the acidic drizzle and have been forced to wear plastic bags to keep their skin from getting rain-burn (that’s a real thing in China)… Such people are the Chinese equivalents of the “Bag Lady” you may know and love in your own country.

This particular Chinese Bag Lady was very considerate though, giving her elderly companion a proper plastic cape while she merely donned a yellow shopping bag on her head:

But that day is was more like acid sprinkles of rain, so I think she had adequate coverage…

Today though, this poor Chinese Bag Man got caught in a heavy, heavy rain whilst picking up trash, but proved his resourcefulness by actually fashioning a trash bag into a protective coat…

It wasn’t that great of an idea though because it made him blend in with his cart, and since it was pouring so badly and drivers in Shanghai are CRAZY their could have easily been an accident… But I’m an optimist and trust he got home safely. Although the bag he was wearing made driving that cart a bit more dangerous, at least it fended off a majority of potential rashes and itchy skin.

It would have been better though if he had a bright, white bag like this Chinese Bag Lady:

She even had a matching shower cap to boot! I guess she was a bit more prepared for the rain, but it still definitely looks like it’s just a white trash bag…

If you want more pics, you can see similar ones in The Chinese Bag Lady, Installment I.