Hot and Muggy, The Bund

In a surprising spell of “good” weather, the rain has held off for the past three days and it’s immediately become another humid and smoggy summer in Shanghai. But I don’t think I like the trade-off of this “good weather” and having to look at bare bellies (below) vs. rainy weather and seeing Chinese people wear bags.

This guy is politely not baring his whole belly, but it’s still a bit awkward, no?

And is it just me or is it universally inappropriate to have one’s hairy moob hanging out the bottom of one’s shirt? Especially on the Bund of all places!

Now this guy has the full look down… Although found wandering around less-ritzy Xintiandi, he managed to be a bit under-dressed for the area I would say. He’s in his boxers, and his wife beater is covering less than half his torso.

I mean, I know it’s only going to get hotter and less clothes will be worn, but let’s just hope Chinese people don’t go any further than this guy.