Blogger Spotlight: Shanghai Style File

Have you heard of Shanghai Style File? It’s personally my favorite local blog to follow, as blogger Hart Hagerty is not only a phenomenal writer but an incredible photographer as well… Her pictures always turn out nice and crisp, which really lets you see all the details of the her always-interesting subjects; she captures the street style of fashion editors, store owners, local designers, and of course the everyday pedestrian. But there’s nothing pedestrian about this blog… It captures ‘the who, the what and the wear of Shanghai style’ in the best possible way, so check it out!!

And to make it a bit easier on you, here is a list of some of my favorite posts from SSF:

Leaf Greener from Elle:

Boys will be Boys:


Paris of the Orient:


Fly Shoo Don’t Bother Me:

*All photos courtesy of Shanghai Style File

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